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Well, I'd say Gradiente was the one to contact Nintendo, asking for permission to manufacture their stuff.

Playtronic is basically the name they choose for this association. It's rather funny as some stuff keep the "Gradiente" logo despite that. xD

In the end of the 80s, Nintendo was not interested in selling the NES over here anymore, so Gradiente (very smart) produced it's own clone.
It was massively popular back then. It was called "Phantom System".
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It was basically a NES, in a Atari 7800 body, and with 2 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controllers.
It had AV out, and came with a light gun.
I've had one in my hands, it was awesome, really. Much, much better than ANY official console.
Best game library + best case design + most modern controllers avaible at the time + cheap = Killing combo.

There was even a TV commercial, lol. xD
"Phantom System, staying home was never this exciting." Epic. xD

However, if that sounded interesting, you should try to read about Sega and TecToy. I can GUARANTEE it will blow your mind. xD

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