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I'm glad you guys like it. xD I don't mind the moving at all.

To be honest, I don't know, I'm sure it can play NTSC games (american games), but I've never tried any PAL games on it, they're rare around here. I belive that, if they have the same physical shape (or if you use an adapter), they should work, or so I've heard.

As far as I know, the following games don't work on the brazilian console:
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sin and Punishiment, Bangaioh and Hey You Pikachu!.

As these consoles output video in PAL-M, I wouldn't be surprised if it had a different video chip from the rest.
Maybe it can output RGB natively. :rollseyes:
Now that would be awesome. xD

Remember when I told you that Gradiente used to make awesome stuff back in the 80s?
This is the Gradiente System One:
Posted Image

And Master 200 speakers:
Posted Image

This was the kind of stuff you could buy from them. :w00t:
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