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Well, it does say not to remove the jumper pak from the console.
You were lucky to see that sticker as most of the consoles have used an Expansion Pak at some point, losing that sticker forever. My N64 has never used one of those.

Oh, another thing that you would like to know.
Here, the "Funtastic" colored N64s are not named after their color names.
Like, mine would be called something like clear black, or smoke, anywhere else in the world, but here, they're all named after FLAVOURS! :P
The Funtastics Series is called "Multi-Sabores" here, wich really translate into "Multi Flavours".

Posted Image

Mine would be the "Jabuticaba", a fruit native of Brazil.
Posted Image

The purple one is called "Uva", wich translates to "Grape".

The light blue is called "Anis" , wich you should know as "Anise".

The green one is the "Kiwi", you all know what it is. xD

The orange one is the "Tangerina", wich is the portuguese of "Tangerine".

The pink one is the "Cereja", or, as you call it, "Cherry".

Gonna post pics of the box of my console soon. ;)

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