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Nah, they could sell imported stuff at that time.

That's why the PS1 prevailed over here too, even if it wasn't officially supported here.

Some retailers though, marketed the PS2 and the PS3 as "DVD Players", to pay lower taxes and rise their profits.
As both consoles can play DVDs, it wasn't illegal. lol

there's no NUS-NSME-BRA on Mario 64
there's no NUS-NP3E-BRA on Pokemon Stadium 2

thinking of it, E (for English) wouldnt be the proper letter for Brazil, it could be P (for Portuguese) but since there's no such code on the cart, there's no way to prove it, unless this code is present on the box's flaps

Ah, got it now.

So the carts over there have like, a model, like the console and accessories. xD

I suspect it wouldn't have the P letter either, as the games are still in English, I would expect a B or BR. xD

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