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Nov 12 2013, 03:07 AM
To make it like US console just change the PIF (M)-NUS chip for one that comes from a US or JPN console PIF-NUS (I think). You shouldn't need to change the oscillating clock as it's already running at the right speed for NTSC format.

Interestingly, that is first time I've ever seen an N64 with a PIF(M) chip on it, the (M) obviously meaning PAL-M.

Thanks for sharing your pics :yeah:
As I said before, PAL-M works at 60hz, that's why the oscillating clock is the same as the NTSC.

Well, I guess is still easier to replace the whole motherboard then. As we don't come across NTSC-U consoles here that often. xD

The main reason I want a NTSC unit isn't even the colors, but because my Pokemon Stadium displays an unusual behavior when you go to the GB Tower to run a Gameboy game...

The screen is displayed more to the right, so it's not correctly centered. And that pisses me off as I like to play gameboy games on TV, using my N64. I dunno if that's a problem related to the PAL-M console, or if it's related to the latest PCB designs no matter the area.

And I know the problem isn't on the cartridge, as I've seen it running in a NTSC console before, and the screen was perfectly aligned on the GB Tower.
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