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Hey guys, I am also from Brazil and did some research around the N64 and I would like to complete some info given in this topic.

GRADIENTE did make national version of the N64, but it got on the market late and we alredy had tons of N64's of NTSC modded to M-PAL. To do this mod it's very simple, just take an NTSC console, change the crystal to the corresponding frequency and change the voltage on one of the pins of the U8 chips (sorry, I am not at home and can't remember what pin is it). It's important to say NTSC consoles and M-PAL ones have the SAME PIF, I may post some pics.

One question I saw on the topics was: Do the N64 run both PAL and NTSC games. I own NTSC games, PAL games and a brazilian N64. The answer is, NO, the brazilian version of the consoles runs JUST NTSC games, sadly.

Sadly, as far as I know, the brasilian version of the N64 has just the rev-1, that means you can't do any serius trimming on the boards or anything. Thta is only important if you are interested in portables.

Hope this adds some info to the topic. Thanks.
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