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Jan 17 2014, 07:28 AM
I'd actually really enjoy others opinions on this matter as I don't get crisp images now that I upgraded to my new TV.
I have heard and mentioned (but never myself tested) that a DVD player can be used to upscale the imagine of a N64 on an HDTV.

Some older DVD players have AV and/or S-Video inputs and HDMI outputs. They were also designed to "upscale" regular DVDs to display better on HDTVs. This is the type of DVD player I am referring to.

I think I actually have one of these that does not play DVDs anymore, so I should try it out and see if it upscales (and therefore warrants the space it takes up in my home).

On a related note, I just got a cool new wifi blue-ray player and guess what? Ports are strictly HDMI.
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