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Jan 18 2014, 02:21 PM
I use this cheap solution when I need to connect the n64 to an hdmi
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It costs around 40$

The best option would be definitely getting a broadcast crt monitor (sony pvm), then a sony trinitron & then a bang & olufsen mx4000 or mx6000. I'd go for the b&o before the trinitron only because it has a nicer design & doesn't look that dated nowadays.
I'm still looking for a cheap pvm, though, & thinking in getting a b&o. Crts look so much better than upscaling to hd.

If anyone is interested in pics of the converter to hdmi "in use" just ask!
Does the converter up-scale?

Yeah, PVM is better than a trinitron, but I always just recommend a Trinitron just because they're alot easier to get ahold of (Not sure if America has something similar, but if they do check your local charity shops etc), you can get one for around 5 or so, where a PVM runs about 70 for the least, and if you want a perfect one at least 200 or so
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Best way to enjoy the N64 on HDTV · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs