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Jan 19 2014, 06:17 AM
You could always buy a XRGB Mini - Framemeister , it does a good job (much better than my converter) and many people in retrogaming are getting them. Its a bit expensive though (200-300$ with shipping/customs)
Yeah, picking up a Framemeister, or some other video processor that scales s-video/RGB well, would be the best way to get it to look good. Does anyone here own a Framemeister that uses the N64 on it? You don't see a lot of people using these things for the N64. Would be nice to hear some thoughts.

Anyway, it's a shame TV's have now dropped the s-video input. I used to own a Samsung plasma that had an s-video port. The N64 looked decent enough on it. Sadly, my newer Panasonic plasma does not have s-video, so composite is my only choice with the N64. Thankfully, the Panny accepts 240p over component very well, so I can use scart converters for other systems. With the N64, I just choose to play it on a 27" Sony CRT 8)
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Best way to enjoy the N64 on HDTV · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs