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Jan 20 2014, 04:54 AM
The slg-in-a-box seems a cheaper alternative to the framemeister, have you tried it? I read that the scaler is not as good, but I'd like to see impressions, specially on 3d content. From youtube videos scanlines on lcd screens always seem dull, or not bright enough.

Also, I'm deciding whether to buy or not an mx6000 for 100eur, would you say its worth it? Seller won't make it cheaper because the remote control itself is quite expensive.
In the meantime I'm also looking for a pvm or bvm, but they are quite expensive where I live :(

I've never tried a slg-in-a-box myself. You can toggle the scanlines on and off if you want to.

At 100, I'd have a hard time justifying that. I got my beovision with the remote for roughly 45, the chassis itself looks really good - but the picture quality isn't that much better compared to Sony Trinitron & Panasonic Quintrix tellies.
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Best way to enjoy the N64 on HDTV · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs