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Jan 27 2014, 09:18 PM
I stopped after the first chapter. there were lies concerning the lag. mine has ZERO lag whatsoever. whatever the game/console it is. and even if it did, I could adjust it with amplifier which has a built-in lag adjuster specifically for games.
There is NO external device that can eliminate HDTV lag because the process that introduces it happens internally in the TV. The amplifier that you mentioned here and in another post doesn't decrease lag in the slightest bit. It's circuitry is designed to actually delay the audio part of the signal to compensate for any potential lag between audio and video timing. If you want to decrease lag you would be much better off with a decent scaler like an XRGB mini or XRGB 3.

All HDTV's introduce lag. This is because the image that they receive from an N64 isn't in their native display format, which is either 720p or 1080p - this means that the TV has to do 2 things to convert the image to an image that they can output. One is to linedouble the image and the other is to upscale it to the TV's native resolution. This is done by the internal processor in the TV and always takes a certain amount of time - therefore introduces lag. There are other processes going on in HDTVs that also contribute to this.

Some TV's are much better at it than others. Some Samsung HDTV's have a reputation for horrendous lag - around 100ms - even on 480p material. A very few have extremely low lag (around 20ms) & won't be noticeable unless you're very sensitive. It helps to research this when buying an HDTV. Some TVs have a 'game' mode which turns off some of the processing & cuts the lag down considerably. Some PC monitors also have extremely low lag but you can't connect an N64 directly to them. The SD CRT TVs I mentioned in my post are MUCH faster than any flatscreen TV - in the order of nanoseconds - which is undetectable.

This is subjective though. The vast majority of people aren't bothered - or don't even notice - and it won't really detract from the gaming experience unless you are sensitive to it.
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