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Jan 28 2014, 06:19 PM
I can see a 20ms lag no problem (thanks to Guitar Hero & Rock Band), yes it has a game mode but I had to turn it off because it was creating major lag when playing GH/RB. that said, I dont see lag at all when playing nes/snes/n64 on my TV.
Hi - The lag is there but you aren't noticing it. This might be because you have one of the better, lower lag TVs. Also some people just aren't as sensitive to it.

A good way of measuring your TV's lag in it's native resolution and one that I've used in the past is this:

Use a PC/laptop that has an S-video output. Connect the S-video output to a CRT TV that is old enough to be completely free from any image processing and another output to your HDTV. Then find a free PC stopwatch program that will display in milliseconds. Put the TV's next to each other and run the stopwatch program so that it is displaying on both TVs ('clone' your desktop to be displaying on both screens). Make sure you are feeding your HDTV it's native resolution. Then take several photographs of the screens. The video signals will be reaching both displays at the same time, but the CRT will have no lag. Because all HDTVs have lag, in the photo the HDTV's stopwatch reading will be lower than that of the CRT. The average difference between the two numbers is the innate lag of your HDTV in it's native resolution in milliseconds .

This is a more accurate way of measuring than using Rock band but takes a bit more setting up.

The trouble with all of this, though, is that although this resulting figure might possibly be quite low, in this case we're feeding the display it's native resolution so the TV is having to do no extra work to interpolate the image. When we play retro consoles, we're asking the TV to do another round of processing to get the display on the screen. In the case of an N64, the image needs to be linedoubled to 480p and then scaled to the native resolution of the TV. These processes further add to the image processing time and can increase the lag time quite a bit, depending on the display.

This means that a NES/SNES/N64 will inevitably produce MORE lag on your HDTV than the 20ms you recorded in Rock Band and is one of the reasons that CRTs are so appealing for retro console gaming.
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