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Lots of solid information. The Nintendo 64 is a tricky system when trying to get good picture quality from it. As of right now, it's the only system I refuse to play on my Panasonic plasma. Instead, I leave it hooked up to my 27" Sony Trinitron CRT. It would have been so much easier had Nintendo left in RGB through the multiAV-out like the SNES, but they decided to make things difficult :angry: . Anyway, I have no problem playing my retro console on my plasma: SNES, Saturn,and Neo Geo all look great when using RGB cables. Thankfully, my TV accepts 240p over component, so one of those RGB to component transcoders works quite well. Personally, I don't see a huge difference going from s-video to RGB, but newer TVs no longer support s-video, so RGB to component it is.

Lately, I have been considering picking up a Framemeister. My biggest concern is the lag induced from the unit added onto my TV's. My component input is great on my set. There is no discernible lag. However, I have used other video transcoders to convert video signals and the delay they introduce is off-putting. Strangely enough, my VGA input is noticeably more laggy than my component input; typically, people recommend VGA over component because the signal should be less processed and create less delay. I really have not had a chance to game using my HDMI input, though: no current-gen consoles interest me.

Anyway, I'm one of those people who is very sensitive to input delay. Try playing Smash Brothers 64 on a CRT and then go to a laggy HDTV setup--not fun. The Framemeister is steep price to pay, but aside from an XRGB3, there really is no alternative for a fast video processor. I will one day take the plunge and try it, but at the moment, I rather enjoy having my Sony as the dedicated N64 TV :) .
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