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Coligion, the best person to contact about these XRGBs is Fudoh from the Shmups forum - he has an awesome amount of knowledge about this. Here's a resource of his on the XRGB mini:


The Mini is seriously fast (1-9ms depending on the input). Adding it into the chain should actually decrease the overall lag.

Basically you could break down an HDTV's lag into 2 parts - 1 is a kind of 'baseline' lag that the TV will always have when it's being fed it's native resolution - this can't be changed. Then there is the other part which is caused by the TV's scaler processor upscaling the 240p image from a retro console. The XRGB takes over this task & scales the image much faster than the TV could & then feeds the TV it's native resolution so it doesn't have to do that work (along with scanlines, if needed). Therefore the overall lag should actually be less after you add in the XRGB. Also the Lag Database (http://www.displaylag.com/) and other sites have good info on which TVs are the fastest lagwise.

Fudoh would have more in depth knowledge of how this would work with your particular setup. It'd be great if there was a way for people to test one out before buying it - they're pretty expensive!

Do you find that the Sony has a nice sharp image & does it have prominent scanlines?
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