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Count me in with the plasma TV camp. Plasma is better than LCD in every way that counts, and it's crazy how much better it is at displaying SD content. They also have almost zero latency, there's still at least one frame since the NES lightgun won't work on it, but it isn't enough that I've ever felt it. Also, SD content scales better to 1080p than 720p, so N64 will look better on a 1080p TV than a 720p.

It's also worth trying to fiddle with the TV's settings to adjust the image, this can help it look better. I find that turning up the sharpness helps, and adjusting the contrast depending on the game can help reduce any "bleeding" that might happen with the colours. Changing the black level to "light" instead of "dark" also helps with some N64 games that use darker colours, making it difficult to see dark areas. The few games that support widescreen also look nice, and I like the extra viewing angle so it's worth it to play these games on my plasma over my CRT.
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Best way to enjoy the N64 on HDTV · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs