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Ok let's see:

First of all we have to clarify what a box variation is.
For Example: For me this japanese charcoal and this one are 2 different box variations.

So we either have to make 2 lists or agree that slight differences don't count. Personally I think they do count. And I think you do to because you added the Brazil Clear Black (Smoke)

This being said you are missing out on:

- The above example
- The Japanese Midnight Blue
- There is a North American Pokemon/Pikachu Version from Toys R Us that you mentioned, but there is also this version without the gadgets.
- The 5 Other Brazil Funtastics (Anis, Tangerina, Kiwi, Cereja and Uva) You mentioned Jabuticava

Maybe I can find more. That's it for now. Nice Topic.
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