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No it is not a Sticker, it's printed on. Actually this version is very unique and special. It is the first version of all N64 consoles ever to come out from June 1996.

The big success of the first Pokemon games that came out end of february 1996 (red and green) led to the marketing decision to release the new console (N64) with rare Pokemon playing cards. There was THIS set of Pokemon Cards included. If you look closely you can see them on the white circle print. Later the next box prints did not have the cards anymore.

Getting the console with the white print is therefore pretty easy,it's all over the place if you pay attention to it, getting the cards that were delivered with it in mint or new condition on the other hand is a f***ing pain.

This is also another box variation. It seems that in Italy a company called "GiG Electronics" had its own distributor rights to N64. Their logo is on all of the boxed hardware (Controllers etc.) and the console: Therefore it's a diffrent variation
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