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I thought "How cool would it have been if there were only 64 variations??" Haha!

my apologies to DarkLink

the japanese Nintendo 64 promotion bundle- Double GET Campaign

Along with the two bonus Pokeman cards, it also came with a Mini CD
this was BEFORE Pokemon became a trend in America

Spoiler: click to toggle

So, first it was the poor quality pics, then the hirigana threw me off...
But then i got some proofs-and a few friends in Japan set things straight.

I needed to know that the main logo boldly states getsuto daiichi kyampen ( DOUBLE GET Campaign)

I couldn't see to read the ENTIRE label on the box, thankfully with some help it translates:

"By buying a Nintendo 64 was started from December 10, 1997 in the Nintendo 64 Double Get Campaign, was able to get Mini CD and Pokemon Card"

For what it's worth, the reason for the "circular" box display is to signify a (compact disc)

the W is meant to signify "DOUBLE" :eh:

From what i'm told, these items are common- in Japan...

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