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EDIT: photos are now linked in the original post

Here's a bit more detail about some of the releases.

- Official Ticket Station Lawson [Competition]
Owned by KelamyAUS

- F-1 World Grand Prix II Bundle
This is actually a UK exclusive which was not released elsewhere in Europe

- Nintendo 64 [Original] Bergsala AB Edition
The box front is in English only but is different to the UK version as it's contents has Stereo AV Cable (instead of RF) and a Euro Connector Plug. Also the back has a small logo on the bottom saying: Imported to Scandinavia by Bergsala AB

- Atomic Purple Controller Bundle
This has 2 controllers; original grey and atomic purple

- Edição Especial! Atomic Purple
This comes with an atomic purple controller only

- Edição Especial Nintendo Futebol
Original console & controller + ISS 64

- Edição Especial Nintendo Futebol 98
Original console, gold controller and ISS 64

There's also this unknown Asian version was possibly for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia combined [ASI]. If anyone can confirm/deny that, please let me know.
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