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Jan 18 2014, 10:55 PM
I think this is basically the same thing as what danikei posted (someone correct me if I'm wrong), except it also supports s-video. I'm considering giving it a try if my plasma does a poor job with the n64's s-video signal.

I have this exact one - for quite many games it seems to work pretty well, but for (for example) Super Mario 64, in the first level when you zoom out, the image does get slightly blurry, especially with composite cables (whereas my TV handles it well without one, using composite cables). S-vid cables seem to work slightly better with the upscaling/processing it does.

I'm currently using a 3rd party s-video cable which messes up the image quite a bit, so I'll report back once I get my official s-vid cable. I'll give it a try with the HDMI converter mentioned in the quote.

Any affordable as-lag-free-as-possible suggestions for HDMI/VGA/DVI displays with a clear (non-blurry) image output? (S-vid and/or composite input required)

EDIT: The improvement the official S-video cable did was to remove a chess-like mostly transparent grid. The image still blurs in some cases when zoomed out.
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