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First time poster to this place though I've been reading for a while. Just wanted to share my gaming area.

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That N64 is the very same I had for Christmas when I was a little kid, bundled with GoldenEye, which I still have as you can see.
I'm not too sure what year I got it as I was fairly young. My guess is Xmas 1997 as it was quite new out at the time (I live in the UK).
We all love our N64's here, so I'm sure you can understand when I say that thing is a massive part of my life.
Still going strong after all these years of heavy use.

I wouldn't say I'm a collector, but I have a soft spot for N64 as it was such a huge part of my growing up.
My gaming area used to look a lot different a few years back:

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I loved showing off my systems like that but the wiring for them all was a nightmare to say the least.
Plus I just didn't have time to play them all and they went collecting dust which I didn't like and couldn't have been good for them.
Most are boxed away now and I'll drag them out now and then for a quick blast.

Just would like to say that this forum is fantastic and I'm glad to be a part of it.
It's great to be around others that are passionate about N64. I hope I can participate a lot more on these forums.
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