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Sugar Rush = Sweet Sweet Canyon?

This one is definitely based in reality. Honest.

I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph the other night and enjoyed it thoroughly, until I realized some copy-catting going down. Okay, so the whole move is based upon terrific video game references, particularly Nintendo ones. But Nintendo seems to have paid itself a royalty by converting Sugar Rush--a kart racing game within the movie with adorable characters based in a land made entirely of candy--into one of its new Mario Kart courses: Sweet Sweet Canyon. Okay, its not the first stage in a Nintendo game (or even a Mario Kart game) to be placed in a Dessert World, but the timing and concepts make this my surest bet to date! And considering all of the cross-promotions, with Ralph being in Sonic Racing, and Ralph and Vanellope (the racer) being Disney Infinity characters, I'm not sure Disney would even mind.

Umm, candy.

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The candy, the color palette, and just look at the spectators!

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