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So great to see all your fantastic setups!

I love the fact that there are still people out there who treasure their N64s. It's still my favourite console and has my favourite controller.

I especially love the Rare & Nintendo 1st party 3D platformers. I've just completed Conker again & am half way through Banjo Tooie. I'd never completed Tooie back in the day & have just reached the parts of the game that I haven't played yet so it's really enjoyable to be having a completely fresh and new experience of a game made by Rare in their prime!

Here's mine:

Posted Image

It comprises:

A very low use Sony 25" Trinitron (very hard to find one these days with such low hours - nice sharp image)
RGB modded NTSC & PAL N64's
Brand new N64 and Gamecube controllers (to guarantee they haven't been abused & have tight sticks)
All official leads, controllers and accessories.
All the games I love.
All tucked away in a cupboard for my wife's benefit.

I'm not a collector, I just want to play my favourite games with the best possible image quality.
I have backups of the components that will wear out (low-use CRT displays, new controllers, backup consoles) so I can play my N64 as I first remembered it when I'm old.
All the N64 controllers have ceramic grease applied from new, which extends their life considerably (guide: http://www.mmmonkey.co.uk/nintendo-64-control-pad-repair/).

I really hope more people post their setups on here :)
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