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You'd be surprised to find that these games that don't work are cleanable!
All you need is Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. I recommend 50-70% alcohol and about 5-10 seconds of rubbing on the pins. Most, if not all games will work just fine after this.

Try it out and thank me later :yeah:

I had a copy of Kirby's adventure for the NES that just wouldn't work. I tried cleaning it a bit and still nothing. A few months passed, and I gave it one last shot. I cleaned the connecting pins on the cartridge and now it works better than some of my others that have always worked! It's literally a gaming miracle. Let me know if you get them working.

P.S. I clean all of my games like this. Working or not. Whenever I get new ones I clean them before inserting them because if you put too many dirty games in your system, soon enough the system will get dirty itself and then no games will work. Good luck!
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