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Aug 8 2014, 02:50 AM
Aug 6 2014, 06:40 PM
Yeah seriously but for me is anything under GameCube. GameCube games that support 480p look nice on hdtvs. 480i is a mixed bag. Wii games pop in 480p for the most part.

N64 and under forget about it. You need a crt!!!
I can't stand how the Gamecube/Wii era consoles look on an HDTV - even a small one. They're the last console generations to have a jump up in quality if used on CRTs.
Yeah it depends really. I was playing kirby return to dream land yesterday on my HDTV and that game looks just gorgeous. Other games do look better on an old tv maybe ones that sacrifice clarity for detail and end up looking a blurry jaggie mess.
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Just pulled the trigger on a CRT!! · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs