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Aug 7 2014, 08:20 PM
People can't get rid of these old CRTs fast enough. If you pay for one, you almost got a raw deal! If they didn't take up so much room I'd be stocking up!

Sweet score! I agree with everybody, N64 looks its best on CRT for sure!

Yep. I just had a retro games event at my place. We counted 13 tvs set up in my 2 bedroom apartment! Other than 1 I borrowed from my neighbour, all the others are mine :o I only paid for the 40" LED and one 51cm CRT when they were still the cheapest way to watch tellie. The others are freecycle/given/found on footpath! And yes, if I had a house with a nice big shed, you know what the back wall would be lined with :D

1080 looks very, very sweet on my 68cm TV 8)

Here's the 'kitchen arcade' section of my party. 4 tvs just there!

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Just pulled the trigger on a CRT!! · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs