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Hi guys, I did a slightly(!) obsessive bit of research into the best CRTs for the N64 specifically - the conclusion is in the last post:


The best easy to find CRT is probably a 25" or less 4:3 Sony trinitron, pre FST (curved tube), 50Hz. Anything that can display HD resolution (even EDTVs) will linedouble the image which is bad for the N64. 100Hz TV's introduce unwanted artefacts. It's ideal get one with low usage as CRT's look dim and blurred after a lot of use. Large TV's amplify the negative aspects of the N64's image and the flat screen models usually have geometry issues.

Grimakis makes a really good point - sitting a good distance from the TV makes the picture more acceptable no matter what TV you're using :)

Also, if you can find a TV that'll accept RGB scart, it's really worth doing an RGB mod - preferably using a THS7314 amp chip. RGB is quite a step up from s-video.
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Just pulled the trigger on a CRT!! · Hooking up the N64 to modern TVs