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Actually I just bought a top of the range Sony BVM-20E1E and if you don't mind a 20 inch screen the image is incredible. It's generally considered to be the best 15Khz (retro) CRT display ever made and cost over $12,000 when it came out - but can now be bought for $200-$300. Ideally, the monitor would need to have low hours and be connected to the N64 using RGB via the monitor's BNC connectors.

Actually the scanlines aren't really overly apparent at a 2-3 feet distance and the image is very bright, sharp and colourful - quite a lot more so than a standard TV (or even a PVM). It's cool to see the N64 on such a phenomenal CRT. The interesting thing is that, for the N64 specifically, a standard Sony TV can be comparatively beneficial in some ways as it's softer, more blurred image gives a kind of anti-aliasing effect which smooths out the low res pixellated output of the N64 whereas the BVM's incredibly sharp image can highlight the N64's drawbacks a little.

So the Sony trinitron TVs are awesome and so are the BVMs - for different reasons. The 4:3 BVMs only go up to 20" but give better image quality (and geometry) and the TVs are fantastic too, give a more genuine 'retro' feel, but are blurrier and a touch smoother as a result (the bigger and more used the TV, the worse the image quality gets).

I have both permanently connected to all my retro consoles so I can switch between the two :)
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