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Sep 3 2014, 04:15 PM
Sep 3 2014, 02:07 PM
Well let us know if your cable improves things. I noticed slightly improved sharpness and color saturation.
I have a multi console S Video that also has a composite so from what I hear those are garbage.

I'm sure this should improve things.

I have read that too. The claim is that some Svideo+Composite cables just push a composite signal (C+Y) out each pin of SVideo and that this is the cause of the screendoor pattern. I have a multi-console cable and a Mad Catz SNES/GC/N64 cable (not Monster after all). They both have composite and S-Video. I've continuity checked both my cables and the SVideo is wired correctly with C and Y separate. The composite connector is actually on an entirely separate pin from those signals too.

I'm convinced the screendoor pattern is actually N64's color dithering and that composite blurs it out.
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