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Sep 4 2014, 03:54 PM
Ok I need to backpedal on my opinion of the cause of the checkerboard problem. I have been thinking more about it and reading more about it and I think it is a cable problem indeed. Some sort of signal quality and/or ground issue.

As I said I have two cables. I verified both of these have SVideo at least wired up correctly.
MadCatz Ultra S-Video/Audio Cable
MadCatz Universal S-Video Cable

I experimented with both cables and various inputs and games. The checkerboard varies by color which is probably a solid indication of signal issues. The "Ultra" cable is also considerably worse than the universal cable, even with its fancy claimed shielding and thicker wiring. Both cables have a ferrite core filter.

I get the impression that S-Video is a rather sensitive interface and is particularly susceptible to interference, crosstalk and ground problems.
I have the 1st Universal one you listed as well and that's the one that I mentioned is garbage.

So yeah I think it's the cables that's why I sprung for the Monster and called it a day.

Later in the week i'll do a comparison and report since me and you have the same wire.
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