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ok so I had a chance to test this puppy. The monster S video and man oh man it makes a huge difference over my universal S video cable with composite.

1st thing 1st. Rare games are just blurry no matter what. Probably running on low res. Color is better and sharpness but the games by nature are blurry.

Games that support hi res mode almost look like 480p! I'm using my wega sony tv.

Rogue Squadron really looks awesome other the color in all these games pops. I think that's the biggest difference the color.

While my sony tv looks great it sure does have some large pixels! Larger than I remember back in the day. My old tv had pixes but they kinda blurred into ea other more. This tv has large box like pixels when you're up close.

Btw tested my SNES and that think just looks absolutely gorgeous with that monster S video. I mean wow!!!

Donkey Kong Country is just gorgeous and after years of looking at it all pixelated on my Wii/WiiU on an HDTV to finally see it like I remember and even better was a joy.

Games with digitized graphics get the most advantage from playing on old tvs IMO. Those do not look great on HDTV's.

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