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Sep 8 2014, 02:22 PM
You should do a comparison of both cables by having one connected and then quickly switching to the other. The only major difference I've seen between S-Video cables is the presence of that checkerboard pattern.
Oh yeah I did that. The difference is subjective I think.

It's not like going from 480i to HD or anything so some would call the differences minor but I call them major IMO.

The color pops much more. Less blurriness. Hi Rez games using expansion pack look almost 480p.

My comparison cable is pretty crappy though. I'm using a universal s video with the composite as well. I've heard those are really composite and not s video even though they have a s video connection.

So I don't have another dedicated s video only wire to compare but from my research on the web only Nintendo's official s video cable compares to the monster one and even then i've read the monster one is slightly better.

I heard the innovation one is good but a notch below the Nintendo and Monster brand.

Anything with the yellow composite cable supposedly is crap and not even S video. That would explain the sub par image when I use that cable.

Also the Nintendo 64 itself produces a weird effect at times on the image. I see it on really sharp games like rogue squadron using the monster cable. I know is the N64 because you can see it on the virtual console as well. for example starfox 64.
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