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Sep 8 2014, 03:06 PM
My comparison cable is pretty crappy though. I'm using a universal s video with the composite as well. I've heard those are really composite and not s video even though they have a s video connection.

I checked my universal svideo+composite cable and it is actually wired for svideo properly. The luma and chroma are separate and wired to the right pins on the Nintendo connector. Same with the Ultra composite+svideo cable I have. The Nintendo connector has pins for chroma, luma, and a separate composite so it would be pretty strange for someone to wire that up wrong.

Also yeah I do see the improved color and sharpness. But with the Madcatz Ultra cable a checkerboard pattern appears over most colors. It fades away sometimes. I don't know what the cause is but it must be some kind of noise, ground or crosstalk problem. It's not a simple wiring issue. The Ultra cable seems like it's high quality so it's really strange that it is the worse of the two!
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