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@buddy: I think "track topic" is supposed to work that way, but it does not appear to do so.
Sep 18 2014, 04:59 AM
-I always wondered why the "likes Posted Image" are disappearing after X weeks(?) Is there a reason for it?
-Also, would it be nice if you had a (country-)Location at the bottom of your avatar?
-Maybe a Donation page?
-What about a Forum chat?
With respect to "likes" , I hadn't noticed that. We only started with that feature maybe two years ago. I'll review.

Country avatar: been suggested bc its a good idea, but it does not appear it can be done.

Donation page: kind of you to think of us! But we are not setup to receive donations ATM, and our only expense is the domain name, which has been generously donated in the past.

Forum chat: Zetaboards does not have this option.
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