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Hello! It's me again. I don't speak English, but I'll try.

Sorry to intrude, but who confirms the existence of two Brazilian boxes "Nintendo Futebol"?
I might be mistaken, but it's curious to me, because I don't see "coherence"; reasons for that have been created 2.
Reason: Financial. (Games were extremely expensive here). Unfortunately, still are, but it does not compare to the Purchase Price, of the epoch.
Besides the transcoding process (to work with color in most TVs here at the time), were included in the final value, the famous "Tax" Brazilian. As you may know, Brazil is the champion in this matter.

In short, I only know a "Edicao Especial Nintendo Futebol 98"
with: Classic N64 Console
Gold Controller
Game ISS64 (with I.B)
Adapter AC (110v/220v)
Modulator RF and Comutator RF.

@ Vinyl OFF: I know more than 20 Brazilian boxes, but don't know if all would be valid for your search.
About the images. I think they're only papers that slide across the box.
Just another admirer of the best videogame of all time =D
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