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Sorry for the delay, I could not answer before.

For the topic: If you want to use images without "texts", watermark.

Nintendo 64 Classic with the game Super Mario 64

Nintendo 64 Classic*

Kit N64 Classic + Star Wars - Episodio I - Racer (with Game Guide)**

* without any game.
** October of 1999 (confirmed). I don't have pictures of the N64 Box (for now).

@ Vinyl
N64 Uva: Probably the same as "Midnight" for you.

@ Cabanon
The translations have no effect in reality (the words).
Only similarities in the colors of fruits. ;)
Just another admirer of the best videogame of all time =D
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Full List of N64 Variations (so far: 167!!). · Nintendo 64 Guides, FAQs, and Information