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Hello everyone and thank you for reading this,

I was going to post this on the "post what you buy/sell" topic but this is a one-of-a-kind deal, not many people can copy this experience..
so much stuff to share! Enjoy this little story.

There was an LIVE Auction called Millon in December,

and TONS of rare and amazing items are for sell there,
Apearently, THIS Auction and ANOTHER one before that in JUNE

where ALL from the SAME GUY... Exactly.., 1 collector owned everything, His name goes by Kaori30

after chasing him down there was a YouTube video about his collection here:

After chasing him down with my partner Sander (amazing collector, can be seen HERE

we manage to get direct contact with him, and when time passes we could go to PARIS and buy the remaining things which where NOT sold at Millon auction.
oh yeah... let the adventure begin!

So we discussed back and forth and we agreed on this:
on Wednesday the 25th, we went with my car a 450km away journey to Paris, see his collecting in storage, make some deals. and go back home..

What we saw was Incredible..

This can`t be explained with words, so here are pictures:
EVERYTHING you see where Consoles... and more consoles. in those moving-boxes, more consoles..
Spoiler: click to toggle

did I also mentioned a guy had 20 THOUSAND Sealed dreamcast games?
Spoiler: click to toggle

So we agreed on deals and prices. we got in total of around 20+- consoles and most of them where ultra rare.

Here is what I bought:
Nintendo 64 ANA Complete + Hyundai Comboy 64 Complete
Posted Image

Nintendo Gamecube HEINEKEN Edition, 50 exists (and 50 purple ones)
Posted Image

Nintendo 64 F-1 Grand Prix PAK (French release only)
Posted Image

Nintendo 64 Twin Controller Pak (Australian Exclusive) Might not be THAT rare but this saved me alot of shipping =)
Posted Image

The 2 N64 Pokemon Edition from Japan, MINT (so I can sell my loose ones and get my money back)
Posted Image

Gameboy Pocket ICE BLUE from Target CIB
Posted Image

a KONAMI Computer, (not yet known what it is, but I've never seen it before!)
Posted Image

and the most rare of them all:
Nintendo DS Advance Wars Dual Strike Camouflage Edition, 50 (or 30) where given out to certain press members who came to the Advance Wars Dual Strike press release
Posted Image

so this is what I have, and in 18th of June there is going to be an Auction in Paris for more stuff! so stay tuned!
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