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Mar 29 2015, 09:24 PM
That guy has a lot of stuff, holy cow! You know your collection is massive when you need your own warehouse and shipping containers for all your stuff :lol:

Glad you managed to make some deals you're happy with ^_^

EDIT: Is that Advanced Wars box an actual N64 system? Does it have any type of seal or have you been able to take it out and look at it? I can't seem to find any pics on google
Sorry the N64 system of Advanced Wars is actually a Nintendo DS system(!)

There is some info about it on Wiki:

An extremely limited edition was created and given to select members of the press for the release of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. It had a camouflage design, and was presented in a metal ammunition box with a copy of the game and a mug

its also on www.consolecolors.com
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