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Neva wizard Kee
ok I'm back,
To recap on what I mentioned above pertaining to "L is real 2401", screenshots of the SM64DS/WiiVC versions are not really necessary, but the VC version was updated with 640x480 resolution; equivalent to the Expansion Pak.

Moving on,
By now I suppose, we are now familiar with this myth in SM64 known as L is real 2401- located in the Castle courtyard. It has been floating around for years online much to my surprise...
I want to point out that I completed this game shortly after it's release, so the idea that this myth is new info to me should hopefully be irrelevant!

First let's take a look at the connection it does have to a little game called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Posted Image
What a game!!
It was basically the first time that the language of Hyrule - Hylian; created by the Hylia was represented in-game so well.

Take a look at a bottle of Lon Lon milk
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The only other time that I'm aware of where Hylian is not used in-game is in Dodongo's Cavern on the stone that perpetuates the 'L is real 2401' myth, but let's table that for now.

back to Super Mario 64! ^_^
A similar thing is also going on in this game with things like signs and visual text as well, and I found it out looking into this thread further. When it comes to ANY in-game text- like messages read, and told to and by Mario, they all use the same FONT... Even in the Castle Courtyard. And it actually reads

A Secret star
lie here ~

Not convinced??

here is the exact Font template
Posted Image
And the link
Super Mario 64 Font
I urge you to find a way to copy, paste, print, trace, type with, fax, share, link, and/or tweet this and see with the naked eye.
Ask yourself- 'what happens to images, sprites, textures, and even graphic text when buffered into the N64 arena? especially up close?
it gets blurry... let's go to the courtyard
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A Secret star
lie here~

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