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Jul 20 2015, 11:47 AM
Awesome start to the guide! Any explanation for why the Italian boxes have a GIG Electronics emblem on them?

In some countries specific companies...
- mostly buy the exclusive distribution rights (Italy)
- get forced buy the political system, market trade or copyright issues (Korea - Comboy)
- rarely are able to covince the manufacturer to choose their company, cause they are the only ones that can do the job right. For example if the infrastructure of the county is bad, the demographics are difficult etc.
- act as a monopolist as there is only one major distributor, therefore thay have very strong negotiation power (This may or may not be the case with Bargsala)

In return they print there logo on the products for the marketing effect, get shares etc.
In the case of GiG Electronics, there logo is on every game, Controller and console released in Italy.
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