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Yeah all of these numerous company handling distribution is the main reason for the differing boxes across Europe. Namely THE Games Ltd for the UK, GIG for Italy and Bergsala for Scandinavia.

The European controllers were initally released in 5 types; UKV, NOE, FHE, ITA and SCN, all these have copyrights of 1997 on the boxes. Then came the EU4 releases, copyrighted 1999. Although the EU6 boxes are also copyrighted 1999, I believe they came out very late in the system's lifespan and as such are the hardest to find. In 2001 Nintendo UK was set up to handle the distribution there and take over from THE, so maybe this is where the EU6 boxes come from.

I know this list is only for the original 6 solid colours but it's worth noting that Clear Purple also is available as EU4, and Clear Blue is always EU6. Here's a couple of proof photos to fill in some gaps:

EU4 - Grey
Posted Image

EU6 - Black
Posted Image

Yes, Australia did indeed get their own AUS version of these 6 boxes. Also if you wish to include Asian variants, the Hong Kong releases feature the Japanese artwork but English text:
Posted Image

Good luck on your quest to catch them all :yeah:
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