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Aug 23 2015, 06:07 AM
Yeah, thanks for setting up that trade Vinyl. Aprreciate it :D
I think your probably right. It's just strange cause some people in the Holland speak French, but in France only a tiny minority speaks Dutch.
Anyway, another Set to complete :)

@Boomdiers, thanks for the image. I will add it soonish :)
Maybe a small thought about the FAH releases.
Remember that Belgium has a French and Dutch speaking side.

Was probably meant to cut back in distribution costs and logistics.
These are also the only boxes you would have found in our stores.

But what saddens me (due the fact I'm Belgian), is that our German-community was left out of this.
Makes me wonder if there arn't any German/Dutch/French Released boxes? Controller or Console.
Retro games are made to last. Hard to play and a you need to use your mind.
Today, it just seems you need a big wallet to finish a game.

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