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Vinyl is correct, FAH does stand for France and Holland and is a very common code used for Nintendo games. As Inattentive suggests it is done to cut down on costs, so they can use the same packaging for sale in France and Benelux regions.

After seeing this post I looked on my computer and found I had some old files detailing the FAH controllers, not sure how I missed it first time. I can confirm that 5 of 6 exist, I'm just missing the grey controller. I've then spent the rest of the day looking for more and I've discovered two new versions.

First up is a Spanish only release, these boxes look the same as the UK releases but the text in the red side panel is in Spanish, very easy to miss. I've not seen the back of the box but I presume it's in Spanish with an ESP tab code. This would mean that there were initially separate FAH & ESP releases before becoming combined into FHE. So far I've only found the green one but I would assume the others exist too:
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Next up is something completely different, a French & German controller coded FRG, used for sale in Austria & Switzerland. I managed to find 2 of these, grey and green which would imply the other 4 colours are also available.
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I've also managed to find all 6 of the EUR coded boxes with four languages on the back. Despite just having 4 languages the distribution small print reveals it's actually a combination of all of the above, used for sale in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg and Spain. This helps with the timeline of releases, as Clear Purple is only available in this version within mainland Europe whereas the UK and Scandinavia got their own releases, and was unreleased in Italy.

As I said before the EU6 (code unconfirmed) boxes were the last ones to be released, they have six languages as they now incorporate English and Italian which continues with the cost cutting progression. Sadly I've not found anymore of these since my last post. In fact there are still a few PAL boxed controllers I've yet to confirm exist, here's what I'm missing plus what it should say on the front of the box:

Edit: I'll cross them off as I find them.

Australian [AUS]
-Grey (Grey Controller)

French & Dutch [FAH]
-Grey (Manette Grise / Grijze Controller)

German & French [FRG]
-Black (Schwarzer Controller / Manette Noire)
-Blue (Blauer Controller / Manette Bleue)
-Red (Roter Controller / Manette Rouge)
-Yellow (Gelber Controller / Manette Jaune)

Spanish [ESP]
-Black (Black Controller)
-Blue (Blue Controller)
-Grey (Grey Controller)
-Red (Red Controller)
-Yellow (Yellow Controller)
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