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It's been enjoyable looking through all your really cool and scarce items. I have nothing in that sort of league but I will share the real jewels in my collection as they are equally valid on a different merit.

1) My original Goldeneye Nintendo 64 from Christmas 1998. Only recently my dad found the Goldeneye sleeve in his attick making my original console package complete again. Everything you see is as it was originally albeit the controller I replaced with a minter. My old grey controller was thrown out years ago because I kid you not, the stick was like hanging out because I used to play the crap out of Goldeneye with my brother when we got this. This really does bring me joy just to look at. Nostalgia central right here.

2) Picking up a CIB Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine was an achievement for me as being a UK citizen they are not so readily available. Furthermore, I got it at a reasonable price. This was a game I remember seeing in an N64 magazine and one which I longed to play (being an IJ fan) and especially with the N64 being my favourite platform but obviously I never had the opportunity. Playing it now again is a real joy. You have to accept it is never going to be the standard of IJ & The Emperor's Tomb on the Xbox which I played before this and once you see past that it is actually a great game and the Tomb Raideresk game for the N64. I still need to complete this.

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