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See the difference between HDMI and a CRT in a YouTube video is impossible.
In that YouTube video you can't see the authentic CRT quality, but the CRT quality recorded, which is very different as it loses colours, luminosity and there is the flickering.

Believe me guys, compare with your eyes using the N64 RGB modified and connect it to a Sony Trinitron 27"/29".
There is absolutely no match, CRT is by far superior for now.

I'm waiting the day when CRT quality will be reached in HD TVs, but the day unfortunately is not arrived yet.

It's impossible understand the N64 graphics superiority in HD TVs.
I always repeat this because many people judge N64 graphics with the wrong bases in this way.

As we know a photo of a CRT loses a lot of quality, but please try to image these two pics with more quality, as they has in reality.

This is a NTSC N64 set-up of an Italian friend of mine, Cristiano Trotta. RGB + 29" Sony Trinitron
Posted Image

This is another RGB set-up of another Italian friends of mine, Alessandro Simoncini. This time a PAL RGB modified console.
Posted Image

Don't belive these videos guys. Use your eyes in real CRTs.
Understand the N64 difference between other console is impossible in HD TVs, I repeat this mantra.
If you use HD TVs, even with the best modern outputs, it's just a merely compromise.

PS Gamerjerome, this isn't a post against your, as a N64 lover I just advice people to play it in the best possible way :-P
But I understand the convenience fact.
A small sample of CRT quality, recorded by me.
Watch the video on 1080p and remember, on live, without flickering and with better quality, is another thing.

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