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Yes I don't say the on HDTV N64 sucks even with HDMI output.
It's surely a good compromise, especially if someone don't want a 100lbs Trinitron in the living room.

So yes, everyone can skip my advice.

But I'm a N64 gamer and lover, so not only I love to play N64 games and knowing their development story, etc. But I love to examine the graphics too.

This is almost impossible to do it properly with HDTV. For example, compare Resident Evil 2 on N64 and PS1 on CRT.
N64 version is easily recognizable as the superior one, even a kid can see it (in fact I was a kid when I compared them for the first time hehe).
But on HDTV them look the same game (aside the FMVs which are considerably better on the PS1 version even on HDTV).

Or try World Driver Championship, Perfect Dark and Turok 2 with HDMI output. Yes impressive games, maybe a bit of wow factor too, but nothing transcendental.
Well, try them on a 29" Trinitron with RGB and you won't believe to your eyes.

There is an Italian group where we share our opinions about graphics set-ups, etc.
Everyone who tried tue combo N64+RGB+Trinitron is absolutely persuaded about the unmatchable result, impossible to compare (so far, but in future things fortunately will change) with the best HDMI set-ups.

Please try All Star Baseball 2000 on CRT and after try it on HDTV. It's another game, believe me.

By the way, the difference changes game by game. 2D graphics and blurry graphics games are good on HDMI.

But please, check the difference of stuff like JFG, Perfect Dark, World Driver Championship, Turok 2, Conker, Tooie, etc.
These games on CRT look better than a lot of Dreamcast games, I'm not exaggerating.
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