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Dec 21 2015, 07:56 PM
Okay, here's a link to the software I'm using on Win 10: http://web.bgwillers.com/Dexplorer_Win_10_OK.zip

I am hooking it to the built in serial port on my motherboard (No AC adapter connected to DexDrive).

Curiously, it didn't recognize my memory card when I first inserted it. How ever I formatted it and it seems to be reading and writing fine.

Here's a save I just made: http://web.bgwillers.com/Dex_Test.N64

And here's my COM Port Settings:
Bits per second: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: None

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Which Dexdrive program is that? Looks a lot newer than mine. :P Got a download link?
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