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Well, a Japanese Pikachu Nintendo 64 complete in box with Ultra HDMI just sold for $610. eBay

Not sure if someone really wanted it because it's sold out across installers or they didn't know any better. It remains to be seen if they actually paid that price for it. The Last Ultra HDMI N64 sold for $320 as I mentioned earlier in the topic. I looked at that one again and noticed it wasn't installed right in the case. Poor buyer who finally realizes it.

Still waiting on mine :coffee:

Update: Got it about week ago. Finally got around to photographing it.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Installed by Badass Consoles. Looks completely stock and clean. You can still have RGB mod installed alongside it if you wish. Analog out still works at the same time. The HDMI actually has less lag than the Analog. Graphics wise, going emulator on your hd TV would be better but this is still great. I can actually read text on Mario Party on my 60". Firmware can also be upgraded in rom form from a flash cart if you have one. Badass put the latest version on mine before it went out.

All in all worth it. Installs seem very limited. They have serials which is nice. Also dated for the manufacture year. Very well done.
I have been keeping track of the sold ones on ebay just for reference of the value as a collector item.

Black Console - Sold Dec 11th $320 - Serial: R1AJ030084 - Board: 2015
Pikachu Japanese Console - Complete in Box - Sold Jan 3rd $610 - Serial: Unknown - Board: 2015
Black Console + RGB - Sold Feb 11 - $399.99 - Serial: Unknown - Board: 2015
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