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I also ran a few test using this cable for people who don't have a TV that supports S-Video.
I used a S-video to Composite convertor this is the link to the one I used- http://www.jaycar.com.au/Sight-%26-Sound---Home/AV-Leads-%26-Adaptors/Video/S-Video-to-RCA-VIDEO-Adaptor/p/PA3578
The results where great tested it on the 3 TV's I have a NEC 32 inch LCD TV,a 52cm CRT Sanyo TV, and a 22inch LG LCD Monitor/TV
No image quality loss remained the same as if you had it plug in as S-video.
Please note the Cable I tested this with is fully grounded and wire correctly for PAL N64.
hope this helps you guys out.
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