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D.J Cat
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Feb 1 2016, 11:06 PM
D.J Cat
Feb 1 2016, 06:46 PM
If it's a racing game do you have to win the race?

Did Hydro Thunder, lost island, using Cutthroat.
Finished 2nd with a time of 1:51.49
If you only need to place to advance, then finishing 1st is not necessary. I know Hydro Thunder Hurricane is like that, but forget if HT is the same :-8 It's been too long :D
OK, sweet as.
2nd is enough to advance, but I will do again and finish first anyway, cause I raced poorly for what I'm capable of haha.
And now, I'm gonna get stuck in!
Watch this space!

Is there a preferred format for how we post our results?
Just to keep it as easy as possible for you to compile it? ^_^
(Trust me to ask a lot of questions and complicate everything 😂😄)

D.J. Cat (9 stages beaten)

Hydro Thunder (see above)

Turok: Rage Wars - Did 1st level- Proving Grounds. Get 6 kills with 2 lives. Died once.

Wetrix - Doesnt really have levels as such? -Played classic mode, got a score of 54100 on 2nd go, way below what I can do, but moving on :)
I guess you could say it has levels because you "level up" and it gets faster and I think the background/field changes colour, and I got that far at least.

F-Zero X - Won 1st race, Mute City on Master. No killsz actually a hard level to lay people out on.
Normally I'd keep playing but I've played a LOT of this game lately (I've nearly won every cup with every character on Master)

Goldeneye 007 - Beat the Dam Level on 00 Agent in 7:58 (only .3% difference in accuracy to my Rage Wars effort 😃)

1080 Snowboarding - Beat Crystal Peak on Expert in 1:07 something...the screen just moved on before I could screenshot.

Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo - another game I need to try and finish...one day.
Holy crap! The menu music is that super iconic music from the movie, I forget what its called, I think it's where the Darth Maul fight happens. That gave me the chills, good style.
Beat the first level, Escape from Theed. 60+% accuracy this game 😂

Star Wars Episode I Racer - Beat The Boobta Training Course in 2:54 something

Space Station Silicon Valley -Finished Smashing Start, got 15 of those energy ball things.

Excite bike 64 - finished 3rd on the first track, but seeing as this is Game of the Month I went ahead and finished the cup 😊
Won the next 3 races, including beating my old record on Leftys Mill 😊😎💦🐸💦

I've taken pics where relevant, might upload sometime if can be bothered even if we dont have to 🐎

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